Wai Sang Meat in the 1960s

“…only the freshest and tastiest cuts.”

The doors to the Wai Sang Meat Market Company opened more than 85 years ago, in 1927, with one simple goal which was to provide the finest quality meats we possibly can. With our expertise, we selected and offered only the freshest and tastiest cuts and have become well known and trusted by both the local people in Los Angeles and those abroad.

Many restaurants and markets have relied on us for a very long time because of the wide variety and excellent quality we bring to you.

Our experience
Wai Sang Meat in the 1930s

Wai Sang Meat today.

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944 Avila Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tel: (213) 628-3551
Fax: (213) 628-3560


Wai Sang Meat Market Company has a long history rooted in Los Angeles since the 1927s. We began simply by offering the best meats we can get.


We offer direct sales to restaurants and stores. Please let us share our huge variety of the freshest cuts of meats with you and your customers.


We are the best at

providing a wide selection of high quality meats available so you can serve your customers, family and friends only a cut you can proudly stand behind.

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